Community Health Northwest Florida Adds Mammography

Community Health Northwest Florida Adds Mammography

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Community Health Northwest Florida is now offering mammography screening services at the Jackson Street location for all established patients.

Did you know an annual screening mammogram can help increase overall survival in women diagnosed with breast cancer? If you’re an established patient, call us today to schedule your next mammogram!

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Mammography Services



We now offer screening mammograms at our Jackson Street main site, and our beautiful new Milton location.

This service is available to Community Health Northwest Florida established patients who are referred by their healthcare provider.

Early Detection Saves Lives.

A mammogram is an X-ray picture of the breast, a quick procedure that detects any abnormalities or changes in breast tissue. Mammography can help your healthcare provider detect early signs of breast cancer and can improve treatment options and survival rates for those diagnosed. 

There are varying recommendations as to when a woman should begin getting mammograms, depending on her age, family medical history, or other potential risk factors. The American Cancer Society recommends yearly mammograms starting at age 45, but advises that women ages 40-44 should have the choice to begin annual breast cancer screenings with mammograms if they wish to do so.

How can you prepare for your mammogram appointment?

Don’t wear deodorant or antiperspirant to your appointment. The deodorant or antiperspirant can leave behind spots that will appear as unfavorable spots on the x-ray.  

Set up your appointment during a time when your breasts are not tender nor swollen. This will help make the procedure more comfortable.

Consider taking an over-the-counter pain reliever before your appointment to ease any minor discomfort you may experience.

Keep a record of your previous mammograms. Your past mammogram records will help your provider observe year-over-year changes in your breast health.

Request an Appointment

Provider referral is required.

Contact your Community Health Northwest Florida provider today to find out if you are due for a screening mammogram. If your healthcare provider recommends a screening mammogram, he/she will then submit a referral to our Imaging Department. Once the referral is received, a member of the Imaging team will contact you to schedule. It’s that simple!

For general questions, or to reach the Imaging Department directly, please call (850) 436-4630 ext. 90590.