Healthcare for the Homeless

Healthcare for the Homeless

Healthcare for the Homeless

Ensuring our neighbors in need receive the care they deserve.

Choose Community Health Northwest Florida.

Complete care. Completely seamless.

The entire team at Community Health Northwest Florida works together to provide comprehensive, whole-person health services to the community in a seamless care experience. Our physicians and nurses work closely to design a treatment plan tailored just for you.


Community Health Northwest Florida social workers can help connect you to helpful resources in the community. Find out how our Community Outreach team can help you with:

  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Assistance with applications for Medicaid and Food Stamps
  • Medicare enrollment assistance
  • Resource Connections for Utility and Housing Assistance
  • Affordable Care Act Marketplace Insurance Enrollment
  • Connections to other Social Services providers

Our Commitment to Our Community Homeless

Living on the street or in homeless shelters exacerbates existing health problems and causes new ones. Poor health can also cause homelessness when people have insufficient income to afford housing.

To help serve those who experience homelessness in our community, Escambia Community clinics receives HRSA funding under the Healthcare for the Homeless Program (HCH). Since February, 2014, our Waterfront Rescue Mission Clinic has provided primary health care services to all levels of homeless in the community (street, shelter, transitional housing and doubled-up). This clinic has increased access to much needed care for this vulnerable population, and the number of patient visits continues to grow each year. In addition to this site, Community Health Northwest Florida cares for the homeless at all care sites, and through mobile health and dental units. With a homeless ID, eligible individuals may be seen for a $0 co-pay for medical services.

No appointment or referral required. Walk-Ins welcome.