The Health Ambassadors at C.A. Weis Elementary School are Dressed for Success

The Health Ambassadors at C.A. Weis Elementary School are Dressed for Success

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The Health Ambassadors at C.A. Weis Elementary School are dressed for success this fall.


The Health Ambassador program was designed to give students hands-on experience in the healthcare field. Students are learning how to be healthy while they explore a potential career path. 

The Ambassadors are getting a unique opportunity to try on a career while they are still in elementary school. And now they also get to try on the wardrobe. This year, the students have been outfitted with Community Health Northwest Florida scrubs and lab coats.

“They were very, very excited,” said Chandra Williams, Clinical Office Manager for C.A. Weis. “They put the scrubs on, and they feel like they’re real doctors. So they’re walking around so proud. They had them on today, because we had an educational session and they are loving it.”

The Ambassador program grew out of the Community Health Northwest Florida’s pediatric clinic at C.A. Weis, a Community Partnership School. Pine Forest High School will also be adopting the innovative Community Partnership Schools™ model this year with partnerships among CHNWF, Children’s Home Society of Florida, the Escambia County School District and University of West Florida.

The Health Ambassador program at Weis is supporting the students early career development in a variety of ways.

In First Aid class, Magan Cook, APRN, has given them instruction in the Heimlich maneuver, basics of 911 and different aspects of first aid. Magan is new to C.A. Weis, having moved from our Airport Pediatrics location in October. Their experiences go beyond just healthcare skills, they are learning soft skills, social skills and even trying their hand at broadcasting. With the help of Medical Assistant Barbara Hayes, founder” and Leader of the Weis Health Ambassador program, they are producing a regular “Health Minute” which they write and record for the school announcements.

Recently, C.A. Weis hosted a STEM Night for parents and the Healthcare Ambassadors got to show off some of their skills by professionally conducting height and weight checks and even giving blood pressure checks. “That went over very well, “Chandra Williams said, “They’re getting a lot of hands-on experience.”


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